[:en]4 gold medals for the MIC in Rio 2016[:]


The pass of great athletes in the fields of MIC is not an anecdote. Since 2000, many of which are now the most important players on the planet, they are going through the MIC with their teams to grow as players. Today’s case takes us to Brazil and the four medallists who achieved victory in football in the last Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.nnEverybody with the captain Neymar The Barça player which has played for the national team that has many achieved that are already giving to talk in world football. The protagonists of today are Walace, Neymar, Rodrigo and Felipe Anderson, who attended the tournament in the editions of 2010, 2011 and 2012 getting different results but playing an amazing football. Today has led them to where they are, with a gold medal that nobody can take away.


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