[:en]41 countries for the MIC trophy[:]


It is only 2 months left for the beginning of the MIC –Mediterranean International Cup- 17th edition, and registrations are running out. We always work to be able to count on the participation of new countries, and the last ones who confirmed their participation are Latvia and Trinidad and Tobago. Reaching all parts of the planet is part of MIC’s DNA, and we are creating a world map more and more populated of football lovers every time. Let’s look at the teams who are visiting us in La Costa Brava.nn41 countries conquering the 5 continents
We have had representatives from all continents in the 17th editions of the MIC. In the last few years, the number of teams coming from the USA has increased. The revival of soccer has been a key aspect to make many academies see MIC as the world cup of the youth football. A space where players can feel like professional footballers. Another territory where Mic is seen as an important event is Africa. The recent African Cup shows perfectly the current level of the continent, and we can say that many teams from this region of the planet have successfully participated in the MIC at least once. Meanwhile, Asian football is another kind of football under development at MIC, where China and Japan are two of the most interested countries in knowing the future football stars showing a different way of playing, coaching and educating in values.nnMIC: the best chance for your players
We want to put together the competition and the coexistence with a dose of illusion. One of our goals is to make top clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, United or Bayern München live together with other clubs coming from many different countries with a recent football tradition. MIC is a different tournament and it has been demonstrated along 17 years. Do you want to come with us?


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