[:en]6 different countries present at the MICFootball7[:]


The 16th edition of the youth football tournament is back in Andorra with a line-up full of great teams divided in 4 different classes (from U-8 until U-11)nn nThe young age of the players, born between 2007 and 2019, haven’t been a handicap for the tournament in order to bring teams from 6 different countries. In addition to the Andorran teams, whom play at home, we will also enjoy with teams from Spain, France, Hungary, United Arabs Emirates and Canada.n nYouth football is a great tool, not just to improve the sportive skills, but also to help children learn some essential values. Without a doubt, getting to know players from different countries and cultures it is going to be a very positive experience for the participants. Because in the MICFootball7, the most important are not the results.


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