[:en]A solidarity project to bring one Ghanaian team to MIC[:]


Social issues and MIC have always spoken the same language. Since the beginning of MIC Tournament, we have always tried to involve football with everyone, even the countries with few resources which have less options to be with us. Just today, the Catalan journal ARA have published the story about the Unity Stars to Europe project, and they interviewed Sergio Ripolles, a Catalan volunteer in Ghana, who pretends to bring a Ghanaian team to the MIC Tournament.nnMIC travels to AccranA few weeks ago MIC Director, Juanjo Rovira, went to the African country to make the first approach with the embassies and he also took the opportunity to visit the Ghanaian Team and to donate soccer equipment their players, who are seeing their dream coming true, thanks to MIC, Sergio Ripolles and the ONG Esports Solidari Internacional.nComplete ARA release here


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