[:en]Adriano Correia, Marc Muniesa, Javi Márquez and Jordi Amat with the MIC’11[:]


FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol players took part in the presentation of the tournament on Tuesday 29th March at the Art Museum Colet of Catalonia. During the press conference, Adriano Correia said “I know from firsthand that the National Team of Brazil wants to win this tournament and they want to show itself in Europe”. Javi Márquez, RCD Espanyol midfielder, added that “MIC is a great opportunity for children to learn and compete against the best, and also to grow as a person”.nOn the other hand, Jordi Amat and Marc Muniesa, RCD Espanyol and FC Barcelona B players respectively, attended MIC’s presentation in Girona celebrated on the 12th of April and expressed their support to the tournament; “a great event for the players as as for the youth football”.


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