[:en]“El Clasico’s” history at MIC[:]


Real Madrid and Barcelona set for battle on November 21 in El Clasico, the world biggest game that will start at 6:15pm at Santiago Bernabeu. The two Spanish League giants have also a particular rivalry in the MIC Tournament since the beginning of our history. nnnnJust last year MIC had two mini-Clasicos in the Finals, in categories U12 and U14, equalizing at one win each. Real Madrid lifted the trophy in the first one, after beating Barça 1-0, Carlos Arauz was the scorer in that game played on Saturday. Next day, the Catalans took revenge on their eternal rival with a comeback win 2-4 in the U14 final. Barca’s victory increased their track record in MIC to 13 championships, and Real Madrid have 7.nnnThe two teams are looking forward to facing each other on Sunday in La Liga as much as we are to seeing their young talents in MIC from 22nd to 27th march of 2016.


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