[:en]Alejandro Pozo scores at Segunda División[:]


We are at the end of the first half of the match between Sevilla Atlético vs. Mirandés when Boutobba crosses from the right wing to Alex Pozo, who scores from penalty spot to score the final 1-0. Months ago, in the Mediterranean International Cup, press already noticed about Sevilla’s player, who is one of the football players with a higher effect nowadays. Now, with Sevilla Atlético is third in the table of the Second Division, just behind Levante and Girona. A good target which has let him be leading with Spanish U19 national team.nnThe world football showcase
MIC counts with many top teams who can be opponents in your category. ¿Can you imagine your players competing against a team like Sevilla FC? Today, Alex stands out with Sevilla Atlético… ¿Do you imagine how your teeam can improve playing against these kind of teams? Do not think about it anymore. undefinedHere you have all the information about the Easter’s youth football tournament in La Costa Brava.n


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