[:en]An incomparable women’s tournament[:]


Since some years ago, MIC promotes women’s football. We have some news this year, and we are sure you are going to love them. If you want to compete against the best teams in Europe, this is your time. The last to be confirmed is Atlético de Madrid, which is currently leading the first Spanish women division and they play a lovely football. “Atléticas” join Barça, Espanyol and PSG to live a dream tournament.nnYour team against the best ones
A chance like this does not show up every day. If you are a coach or a manager of a women’s team… ¿Can you imagine your girls playing against the best teams in Europe? We are sure they would enjoy the experience very much, and it will also let them grow up as a group, as a team. ¿Are not sure? Here we explain you everything you have to know about the youth football tournament we celebrate in La Costa Brava during Easter.
nnAn incomparable experiencenMany players who have participated in MIC talk about a very intense experience not only for football but also for the communal living. Do not let anyone tell you and live this experience with your players in La Costa Brava. Remember, Barça, Espanyol, PSG and Atlético are already with us… ¿And you? We are running out of places.


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