[:ca]Aspire Football Dreams the only international competitor with title chances[:]


MIC 2015’s Day 5 started with B class matches were Aspire Football Dreams beat 4-1 USA Regional 1 Select whereas FC Volendam were beaten by Sevilla FC (1-2). The Qataris played against Sevilla in the afternoon and managed to get a slot in the Final facing Alboraya UD. The game kicks off at 9:45 (CET) at Llasgostera Stadium tomorrow. During the morning Caribbean FC and Hakoah Amidar Ramat Gan reached the penalty shootout after drawing 0-0 where the Dominican Republic’s team won the Israelis (5-4) in the first consolations’ semi-final. In the second one, Kaptiva Sports Academy and Club Atletico Almafuerte drew (2-2) and in the penalties the Catalan based but internationally formed side beat (5-3) the Argentinians. The B Class’ consolation final between Kaptiva Sports Academy and Club Atlético Almafuerte will be played at 11:00am at Palamós Pitch 1.
FC Barcelona beat Chivas USA (2-0) in the quarter finals of C Class. At the same time Aspire Football dreams drew 1-1 with FC Inter Milan winning in the penalty shootout the Italians (5-3). Disputed in the afternoon Aspire played FC Barcelona. The Catalans win 2-0. In this category there is going to be a “Classico” as Real Madrid CF got a victory over RCD Español (1-0). In the consolation phase of C class Perpignan Canet lost against UE Llagostera (0-3) and Sweddish side Bromma Pojkarna was beaten by EF Girones Sabat (3-1). The only international survivor in the quarter finals in this phase was Meyrin FC who won EF Arbucienca 2-1. In the afternoon, EF Gironés and Meyin FC drew (0-0) and the Catalan side scored all the penalties (5-4).
The D Class semi-final saw Manchester United FC narrowly beaten by Real Madrid and the “merengues” faced FC Barcelona in the Final. The D Class’ “Classico” took place in the afternoon at Palamós Stadium and Real Madrid lifted the trophy after a 1-0 win. In the D class consolation phase FC Central LA managed to reach the final after beating Catalan side Club Esportiu Banyoles 1-5. However, they lost against EF Baix Ter (0-4) for the Catalans.
In E Class Manchester City beat in the quarter finals Unio Esportiva Quart (6-1) whereas Anji FC was beaten by Valencia (2-7). A bit later, in the first semi-final, RCD won Manchester City (5-0) leaving this category with no international teams competing in this group. RCD Espanyol beat Valencia (3-2) in the final. Also in E Class’ consolation phase the semi-finals had 3 international sides. Sport Kuwait Football Academy lost against FC Maccabi Barkaei (0-3) whereas Kazma Sporting Club was beaten by EF Sant Feliu (5-11).
In the final played in the afternoon FC Maccabi Barkaei drew 2-2 with EF Sant Feliu losing in the penalties (1-3).
Finally in G Class CD Oberena, a team from Navarra North Spain beat Catalan side Unió esportiva Cabanes (2-1) and was proclaimed winner of the girls’ category.
MIC 2015 Day 6 Finals Schedule (Sunday April 5th)

09:45: Alboraya UD – Aspire Football Dreams (B Class)

11:00: FC Barcelona – Real Madrid (C Class)

12:15: At. Madrid – Málaga CF (A Class)

(*)All finals are played at Palamós Stadium


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