[:en]Barça and Real Madrid will repeat ‘Clasico’ in MIC’17[:]


Finals between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in MIC are, since years ago, attractive for worldwide football academies. Last matches between both academies in the tournament have been seen around the world thanks to the goals and fair play of both teams.n
nComebacks and great goals
‘Clasico’ week, time to remember MIC and the exciting FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid we have lived along these 17 editions. Last year we were able to see a great and epic come back with great goals which have been seen around the world many times. The passion of ‘Clasico’ was moved to a stadium which vibrated with the small versions of Barça and Real.
nnReal Madrid: goals and football from La FábricanWith Jose María Gutiérrez “Guti” as a leader of the expedition, Real Madrid counts MIC games as victories for many years ago. The attendance in the tournament is also usual and it is really a pleasure to see whites in La Costa Brava. Two years ago they were involved in an amazing final, and last year against Barça, they had the match under control until 2-2. A show you will be able to see again this season in Montilivi.nnThe best football academies of the world
Talk about a tournament in Easter means MIC, and also teams who participate to play against some of the best football academies. ¿Is not your team registered yet? Categories are becoming to get closed and it is time to start making decisions. If you would like FC Barcelona or Real Madrid would be your team’s opponents… your way begins here; this is the first thing you have to do.


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