[:en]Bellerin is back at home[:]


Few people knew Hector Bellerin in 2011 when he played in FC Barcelona U16 and said in an interview: “this season (2010/2011) has been very successful, because we have won Nike Premier Cup, League and MIC Tournament”. It wasn’t the first time the current Arsenal right back lifted the MIC trophy, so he has already done it three times. Bellerin took advantage of his participation in our tournament because it was there when Arsenal contacted him for the first time. It was the beginning of an amazing adventure for him.nnFour years later that young player has become Arsenal’s first-choice right-back, and he’s enjoying a great season, in the top of Premier League and qualifying for Champions League Second round. But their next step will be Camp Nou, in Bellerin’s first return to home. It will be very special to face his former club, and maybe he could play against his former teammate and captain of those brilliant teams who shined at MIC, Samper another special #micplayer.


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