[:en]Brazilian #micplayers beats Argentina[:]


In many occasions, top international matches coincide with the lineup of multiple players who participated in MIC some years ago. Brazil vs. Argentina was not different this week, and some of who were there remember with esteem their passage through Costa Brava. If your team has not lived the experience yet, this is your chance.nNeymar Jr. – Coutinho: friendship with MIC seal.nFC Barcelona and Brazil National team star, Neymar Jr., is one of the greatest exponents when canarinha plays, and his teammate Philippe Coutinho, from Liverpool, begins to excel in the press as one of the national teammates who could play with Neymar in Barça. They two scored two of the three goals against Argentinians, which reminded the championship they won in 2008 at MIC. Their way to Russia World Cup 2018, Brazilians also had the participation of #micplayer Marcelo, an undeniable with Brazil as well as with Real Madrid defense.nnMessi, a luxury ambassadornArgentina national team captain also played our tournament with FC Barcelona, and he plays against his friend Neymar Jr. in a very important match to get the classification for the World Cup for his country. The match was not as Argentinians needed, but they corrected their mistake in the next match against Colombia. And we already know who Lionel Messi is, and what he is dare to do. Argentina won 3-0 against Colombia with one goal and one assist by blaugrana star, who put his team in the fight when it is still 18 points left.nnn¿Have you noticed? Four top players who played MIC and now they are in two of the best world national teams. ¿What about your team, is it already registered? You still have time to be part of the history. We tell you how here.


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