[:en]Caldes de Malavella, new MIC’s venue[:]


MIC keeps growing up, and the registration of new teams also means more and new facilities. Caldes de Malavella has two football fields at the tournament’s disposal. Two sports facilities which will accept different categories and will allow people to watch the best world’s youth football in Girona surroundings. Caldes has two areas: Camp d’Esports Vall-Llobera, located at the entrance of the village; and Can Bernardí, in Aigües Bones, whose football field was inaugurated in 2009. In conclusion, two new areas which join to the long list of facilities available for the tournament.nnMore than 250 teams in 31 fields

MIC is running out of places, and it will be 272 teams who will land in La Costa Brava coming from all around the world. On the other side, Caldes increases the number of facilities up to 31, which allow even better logistics, also regarding calendar and volunteers. We want to fill all Girona’s area of football, and it looks like we will achieve our goal once again. ¿Is your team a MIC team? Hurry up! Last places available.


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