[:en]César Sánchez, a legend in the MICFootball7[:]


– ‘Look at this man, he was Real Madrid’s goalkeeper’n- Really? It does not ring a bell, dad.n- Well, his name is César, ask him for a picture because he is an European champion.nThe son, wearing a cap and smiling from ear to ear, took a picture with him -which will become a remarkable memory his entire life-.nnThe scene happened at the first day of the MICFootball7 that is being played in Andorra this weekend. The sixteenth edition of a championship that brings together children from all over the world, from Dubai to Canada.nnnnAnd the tournament has had the visit of an historical Spanish footballer this Saturday. We are talking about César Sánchez, Spanish League and Champions League champion with Real Madrid at the beginning of the XXI century. The 46-year-old goalkeeper -who is retired since 2012 after wearing Villarreal’ shirt- has travelled to Andorra with his son Nicolás, who plays in Valencia CF. nnEncouraging his son, photographing with those who recognized him … and always accompanied by former footballer Juan Vizcaíno, a midfielder who won three times the Copa del Rey and one Spanish League with the Atlético de Madrid.nnIt has been a pleasure to have him enjoying our tournament.


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