[:en]EF Sant Feliu de Guíxols, 16 years of loyalty to MIC[:]


So many things have changed in the last 16 years in the Escola de Futbol de Sant Feliu de Guíxols offices, a modest club from a small Catalan city where 20.000 people live. But there’s one thing in their schedule that never changes: they have an unavoidable appointment every year with MIC. nn nIt could be easy to associate the club to our tournament just because of the geographical situation, but that would be a mistake. They already played the first MIC, the only one that was held in the Canary Islands, just before to get moved to Catalonia, its current location. It was 2001 and then EF Sant Feliu coordinator was Xavi Giró who clearly remembers how MIC seduced him and his club: “there was an information meeting in Girona, and few clubs shown up, but we were immediately attracted by the idea; it was a very interesting a tournament and besides the sportive model, we wanted to be there because our aim was also to travel with the teams.nGiró was in charge of everything for EF Sant Feliu first participation in the MIC Tournament, although he couldn’t enjoy our birth in live because of familiar healthy issues. However, he had started one commitment which still continues 15 years later: “our relation with MIC is excellent, it was since the beginning with Josep Colomer and still is with Juanjo Rovira. MIC organizers are very approachable people, good motivators and they have skills and abilities to make things perfectly”.nnnWhat is the secret of this loyalty? Since they don’t need to travel anymore to play MIC, because they have it now just at home, they are very able to understand why there are a lot teams who come to la Costa Brava to play the tournament from some different parts of the world: “it’s a very attractive tournament, hence we want to be there every single year. We have a lot of good memories, because 16 years are a lot. Maybe the best thing for us, as a modest team, it has been to face off against amazing squads like Brazil National Team, FC Barcelona or Manchester United”. nMIC-EF Sant Feliu de Guíxols… Side by side every year, in every tournament edition since 2001. Thank you so much!! We hope to enjoy your company for a long long time. n 


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