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Are you going to play the MICFootball? Then you will find this interesting. The teams whom play the MICFootball come to our tournament to enjoy football and also to live an unforgettable experience alongside teams from all over the world. Beyond the competition itself, there are many more things that can make your days here unique.n nPhoto reportn nAt MICFootball you have the chance of having photo reports of the games that your team play during the tournament.n nYou are the starn nWould you like that your family at home watch you playing the MICFootball? We offer you the chance  of recording and streaming your games here. Get ready that you’ll be on TV!n nMerchandisingn nGet all the official products of the tournament: t-shirts, gymsacks, mugs, etc.n nToursn nDo you fancy something else than playing football? Tell us and we will organize for you!n nMICStagesn nDays before and after the tournament are perfect to take-home memories that you will never forget.n nMore info? Write to info@micfootball.com.


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