[:en]FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Paris-Saint-Germain are the women’s top teams[:]


The F category of MIC is about to close its registrations and the top three teams are already confirmed. Barça, Atletico and PSG will be protagonists in the women’s category that every year takes more importance. The U-19 to U-16 age category will count with these three academies that come to represent the world’s best youth soccer to the Costa Brava.nn nGood women’s representationnThe female MIC will not only have the best teams during the tournament, but also with a luxury godmother, Olga Garcia. The player of FC Barcelona is playing in UEFA Champions League and ordinary League and is setting a great season also with the national team. It was she herself who highlighted the project of the Women’s MIC as a great chance for women’s football, which has been experiencing a boom for some years. And your team? Is already registered?


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