[:en]FC Barcelona women wins RCD Espanyol women 1-6[:]


RCD Espanyol-FC Barcelona match on the first women’s division ended with different results for both teams, but confirms the quality of many of the players who are currently in both squads. Despite the FC Barcelona good match, some of RCD Espanyol players showed that they can change the team position in league. By the other hand Xavi Llorens girls completed a great game with a hat-trick scored by Jenni Hermoso. nnThe Bárbara’s awesome goalnGemma’s goals and the final one of Bárbara –ex-Espanyol player made Brenda’s, which was the 1-2 in the scoreboard, be a mere anecdote. Either way, Barça is postulated as the top solid team in the table while Espanyol is already looking to the next fixture, against Real Zaragoza, to move team to the middle positions of the classification. 


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