[:en]Female soccer gets ready for the Euro Cup[:]


Women’s football never stops. This is Euro Cup’s season and Spanish National Team continues its preparation to be ready when the competition starts in Holland. Their stage in Las Rozas and Oliva with players like Marta Corredera or Olga García, who both know really well MIC, was useful to demonstrate they are on fit, beating Switzerland 8-1. In a format of three parts of 35 minutes each, the scores were 3-0 and 3-0 in the first two games, and 2-1 in the third. Jenni Hermoso (2), Vero Boquete, Olga García (2) and Amanda scored the goals, and Mariona Caldente and Sonia Bermúdez did not miss the chance to score as well.nnTop teams, MIC teams
The class of these footballers demonstrates the know-how of the women’s football in our country. Between the players, we can find representatives from top teams which are already at MIC. In U19 stage, FC Barcelona and Club Atletico Madrid have already confirmed their participation. Goal scorers like Amanda, Olga, Vero Boquete or Jenni Hermoso are leaders in their teams, Barça, Atletico or PSG, which are participating for the women’s MIC.


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