[:en]From MICFootball to the World Cup. When dreams come true[:]


Last Friday 1st of December took place the 2018 World Cup’s draw which will be played in Russia. Any player dreams of participating in this tournament at least once through his career. Many of those who will be the main actors next summer in the Russian stadiums, begun dreaming here, at MICFootball .nAfter 17 editions counting with some of the best clubs of the world, it is normal that many of today’s stars have been at the Costa Brava at least once.n nNeymar and Coutinho with Brazil, Messi with Argentina or Piqué and Bartra with Spain are some of the MICPlayers that will fight for the World Cup in Russia the same way they did many years ago in our tournament.nWhen the World Cup begins, the 18th edition of MIC-Mediterranean International Cup will be over and we will have enjoyed with the players who will be the stars of the 2022, 2026 or 2030 World Cups.nGOOD LUCK TO ALL THE MICPLAYERS IN THE WORLD CUP!


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