[:en]Gimnàstic Manresa and Barça, winners in U-12[:]


Yesterday took place the two first MIC’12 finals at the Nou Municipal of Palamós. In the F-7 U-12 category, 100{291eb293c59ce8742d5ccb391383647a7702084a751057905050294e06ea0a3f} catalan, Gimnàstic Manresa won Mollerussa during the penalties, after the match ended 2-2. Afterwards the F-11 U-12 was played with Barça’s victory against Atlético de Madrid (1-0). The best player and the best goalkeeper trophies were also given: F-7 U-12 category Iu Marraql Moltó (Gimnàstic Manresa) as the best goalkeeper, and Nathan N’Goumou Minpole (Toulousse) the player most valued. However, in the F-11 U-12 Maxim Lugovskoi, from FC Dnipro which is coordinated by Jordi Gratacós, was picked the best goalkeeper, and Arnau Comas (FC Barcelona) the best player in the hole category.


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