[:en]Groups and schedules for MICFootball7 unveiled![:]


nIn just a few days the ball will start to roll at the 6 Andorran towns which will host the MICFootball7. A new tournament’s edition, the 16th, is about to begun and we will enjoy with the 108 teams that will participate on it.nn
nThe tournament is divided in 4 classes, with kids whose ages go 8 to 11 years. In this competition, it is far more important the values that children can learn (and also we can learn from them) through sport rather than the competition itself.n nMICFootball7 is tournament where the results are not the most important, but learn, improve and compete in a fair way with rivals that in many cases become friends.n nIn the middle of the astonishing Andorran mountains, we are about to enjoy with football as it purest, where the ball is the main star and the only important is to have fun. Are you up to it?


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