[:en]It’s time to the women’s football in MIC[:]


The women’s football will be protagonist tomorrow Saturday in the MIC, with the dispute during all day in L’Estartit of the tournament in the categories of U-19 and U-16.n The competition will take place in form of a pool and will count with the participation of the very best of women’s football in our home: the host team, L’Estartit, FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol- the three of them from the state Super-league- and the Vic Riuprimer Efo. L’Estartit has been the team which has played in the two last editions of the women’s MIC.n At the end of the tournament will take place the women’s Super-league match between the first team of the UE L’Estartit and the PR Olivo Vigo at 7:30 pm.n MIC has always been taking care of the women’s football and has a special sensitivity for it, which is growing day a day. In the future, the objective is to increase the number of participant teams.n This is the U-19 and U-16 complete schedule of the tournament which will take place tomorrow in L’Estartit:n
10:00    UE L’Estartit – Vic Riuprimer
11:00     FC Barcelona – RCD Espanyol
12:00    UE L’Estartit – FC Barcelonan—————————————————————–n15:30    Vic Riuprimer – RCD Espanyol
16:30    FC Barcelona – Vic Riuprimer
17:30    RCD Espanyol – UE L’Estartitn
19:30     UE L’Estartit – PR Olivo Vigo (SUPERLIGA FEMENINA)


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