[:en]Japan is back to MIC[:]


Ganbare! Nippon! This is the war cry which Japanese use to cheer their athletes. Edition by edition, MIC has become an important tournament for this Asiatic country, and it is going to be 13 teams this time coming from Japan. Asia’s interest in football is growing up day by day, and it is since Korea-Japan World Cup in 2002 that this growth has increased.n
n13 teams in different categoriesnNames like Shinji Kagawa, Shunsuke Nakamura or Keisuke Honda helped to point Japanese football on the map. Moreover, MIC will allow everyone know the level of Japanese youth football. It is a good chance for these football academies and schools to show everyone a different kind of football which MIC puts in common along 5 days in La Costa Brava.nTeams confirmed for the next MIC edition: n

  • E-Soccer, con tres equipos
  • Traum SV
  • JFA Academy Imabari
  • JP Academy, con dos equipos
  • MS Academy, con dos equipos
  • Mundo Futbol, con dos equipos
  • Prazer Soccer Academy
  • Regate



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