[:en]Less than 100 days for MICFootball 2018[:]


We are still vibrating when remembering the MICFootball 2017 edition and … we have less than 100 days left for the beginning of another edition! As every year, over the next Holy Week, the Costa Brava will be filled with hundreds of teams arriving from all corners of the world and who will be united by one passion: football.nnWe want everyone who participates in it to take back home with them an incredible experience that they will remembered throughout life and this is why we are working on all the details so that players and coaches live the tournament as authentic professionals.nDuring this coming edition, which will be the 18th, we will continue increasing the level of the competition. For this reason, we will have more categories both in men and women football. Plus, we cannot forget about MIC Integra, where we will get excited once again with the effort and enthusiasm of the participants in this adapted football competition.nMany of the main football academies in the world will be present at this MICFootball’18. We have already announced some of the top teams that will be involved and we will be announcing the rest in the coming weeks. We can ensure that the participants will have the opportunity once again to face the best in the world in their category.nWe are already living intensely a new edition of MICFootball. More teams, more matches, more enthusiasm and the same old passion. Long live footbal!


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