[:en]Malaga CF and RCD Espanyol to be in MIC’16[:]


The winners of the last three MIC tournaments in U19 category are back. Malaga CF and RCD Espanyol, two of the most representative clubs in Spain, have confirmed they will be in MIC’16, between 22nd and 27th of March.nBesides Malaga won’t have Manel Ruano on the bench, their coach in 2014 and 2015 tittles, the Andalusian club could try to be the first club to win the U19 MIC tournament three times in a row if they finally play in this category.  nRCD Espanyol won the biggest category in 2013 and have collected at least one MIC trophy since 2011. They are looking forward to continuing their winning streak and to increase their track record in our tournament which includes 9 championships.n


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