[:en]MIC and Futbolmania announce new partnership[:]


The fantastic relationshiph MIC-Futbolmania makes a step forward, since the football business company becomes a new sponsor of the tournament. Futbolmania is a company specialized in sports clothes, fotball boots and equipments. Some people from this company will be at MIC to offer our participants and visitors a lot of surprises.n                                       nCustomize your boots for freeWould you like to have an unique pair of boots? Now you can, thanks to MIC and Futbolmania. On the Inaugural date and the Finals don’t forget your boots in the hotel, so you can customize them with your name and the MIC logo, for free. Besides, during the tournament each team will enjoy some different events to make your days at MIC even better. We will share with Futbolmania one of their famous legends: “we love to make football fans even happier”.


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