[:en]MIC Clinics: A player’s experience[:]


For years, MIC has not been a football tournament, the organization thinks of everything that teams, players and coaches may need. Count with coaches and professional teams has helped us to develop a service in which your players can further improve their technique. MIC Clinics have been designed to get the best of each player, working and promoting everything they need in a very specific way.nnA philosophy, a method
MIC has coaches who have been members of the most important academies and teams in many countries. The methodology is an important point not only for the current moment, but for the total development of our player. What we offer is not only a training, it is a proposal in which we will see everything that each player, individually can reach, and we will work from there.n

Facilities and schedules
¿Are you coming to the MIC? Let’s talk about availability. The organization will propose a training plan, look for facilities and coaches who will work with your team before or after the tournament. There is no equal team, everyone has their needs, and in this sense we wanted to think in your proposal so that  you get what you want to improve. Team play, technique, speed, control, pass, tactics… we listen to you and fit the product to you. Do you want more information? Contact us at info@micfootball.com


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