[:en]MIC grows up: Now in basketball![:]


The aim of MIC is to work on the next tournament as soon as the previous one ends. So, we have worked harder this year… And we count with another option: basketball. We love sport, we feel it, and as a result we have created MICBasketball, the new offer of MIC Sports Services for basket lovers. Together with football tournament in La Costa Brava, almost 100 teams from the worldwide will compete against each other in the different basketball courts around Girona. A new adventure we want to let you know.nn96 teams, 6 categories, more than 1.000 playersnThe experience in the 17 MIC football editions we have got let us dedicate this new event to basketball lovers. The 96 teams expected will play their games in Easter spread in 6 categories, three male and three female, which will move to La Costa Brava more than 1.000 athletes, apart from the football players participating in MICFootball. A sport event we are sure you will not want to miss.nRegistrations are opened! n¿Does your club have a basketball section? Do you know someone who could be interested in? We are confirming top teams soon, and we are sure it is a good chance to let your team compete against some of the best players in Europe. Do not miss your chance, visit us at MICBasketball.com [:]

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