[:en]MIC Teams of America[:]


The amount of American teams playing MIC is growing up every single year, therefore we’ll have 16 clubs with us in this edition, being represented by 22 teams. It’s very important for a youth football tournament to find out how this sport is in some diferent places, and the development of  “soccer” in Canada and The United States is the cause that we have a lot of teams from there, landing in La Costa Brava to compete against the best clubs of the Ancient Europe.n nPartnerships with the biggest clubs in EuropenThe American teams are always very focused in European football and some of them are involved in partnerships with giants clubs of the Champions League. MIC’16 will be holding ISL Soccer, the american partner of FC Barcelona, and GPS, partner of Bayern Munich.Some legends of the European football are going to the MLS within the last years. Pirlo, Villa, Raul, Gerrard, Lampard are helping to make the American “soccer” more attractive for the fans, and we can realize at MIC how big is their impact. In our task list is to bring with us some Women Teams from the USA, where this category is even more valuable than the Men competition. We are working on it to improve our classes F and G.


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