[:en]MICFootball 2018 has been presented[:]


The countdown for MIC18 has begun. This morning there have been a press conference to present the XVIII edition of MICFootball and the II edition of MICBasketball at the Council of Girona.nWith the attendance of Lluís Puig (major of Palamós), Marta Madrenas (major of Girona), Carles Salgàs (member of the Council of Girona), Marta Felip (major of Figueres) and Juanjo Rovira (director of MICSports) some of the news of the youth football and basketball tournaments which will be held during the Easter at Costa Brava, has been presented.n nThe tournament will take place from March, 28th to April, 1st and has already confirmed the presence of teams such as Manchester United, FC Porto or FC Barcelona. Figueres will host the opening ceremony and the finals of the new two classes (U-15 and U-13), meanwhile the rest of the finals will take place in Palamós. n”MICFootball will be a great opportunity for young players to feel like a pro, as well as the spectators could be able to see -maybe- the future stars”, explained Juanjo Rovira. nn


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