[:en]New country, new team. Ukraine and Shakhtar come to MIC[:]


World map of the MIC grows up edition by edition, and 2017 could not be different. We receive a new team this year, and also a new country we did not have in the flags show yet. From Ukraine come Shakhtar Donetsk, a team which we can find in the top European competitions, and which has made many good players known whose all football lovers know.nnDiscovering a new youth footballnHaving a new country means making ourselves better with their youth football. Shakhtar’s Academy counts with teams from U14 to U19 before to be promoted to the reserves’ team and, finally, the main and trendy team in Ukraine. Together with Dinamo Kyiv and Dnipro, Shakhtar domains the youth football and we are sure they will put in beautiful football together with the other top teams confirmed.  n¿Are we going to get the whole world map?
Ukraine’s registration to MIC confirms a football lover country in MIC history. There are little countries left to be in our map… ¿Is yours going to be next? Registrations period is open and many top clubs are already with us. ¿Do you want to take part of it?


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