[:en]Olga García, a luxury ambassador for MIC women[:]


Being the ambassador of a tournament as the MIC it is an honour. Olga García speaks as she plays, clear and direct. She assures that a tournament like this one is an opportunity to get to know women Football, which has become a consolidated and famous option for Football lovers in the last years. Her message for the 17th Edition players comes from her lifestyle: they must be happy doing what they do, they have to enjoy playing Football. nnA sports career bound to BarçanOlga’s women top Football story starts in 2010 at Barça first team, although her passion for Football started before. The Dosrius Player Training formation took place in the low classes at the Nou Camp, where she played for the first team during two periods 2010-2013, and the second one that started on 2016. The other 2 years, during the 2013 and 2014 seasons, she played at Levante, also a first division team of the Spanish league. nnnA growing track recordnOlga’s track record goes through two Spanish leagues, two Copa de la Reina and three Catalunya Cups, all of them with FC Barcelona. In the present season, she is fighting for being in the regular starter team in the Mini Stadium’s right wing, being one of the players with a higher goals average per game, who has shown goal and speed both in the league as in the Women’s Champions League; a competition where Barça has arrived to the quarter finals phase in a game that will take place in March against the Swedish Rosengard. Apart from this, Olga is one of the Spanish Selection team leaders preparing the Euro 2016.


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