[:en]Paris Saint Germain, FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol first female teams confirmed[:]


Betting for girls’ football has always been a priority for MIC. In this 17th edition organization wants to do a step forward and bring not only national top girls teams, but also European ones. And in the first confirmations we have some of the most famous female teams of the continent, as Paris Saint Germain, FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol are.nn
Two classes: U19 and U14nIf you play or coordinate a girl’s team, MIC is a great chance to play against the best teams of the continent. You will not only offer them a championship where to know new football styles, but you will also allow them to live an unforgettable experience as professionals in two classes, U19 and U14. ¿Do you have any question? Our team explains you everything here.nOpen registrationsnCosta Brava is waiting for you. From April 11th to 16th you have a appointment where girls football has a lot to say. ¿Are you going to miss it? You can register and receive information here.n


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