[:en]Real Madrid to be back at MIC[:]


As we advanced on November 23rd, in our website and social networks, Real Madrid will play the MIC’16. One of the most awarded clubs in the world is always present in our tournament, so this year can’t be an exception. nJust last year MIC Real Madrid play the U12 and U14 Finals and they lifted the trophy in the first one, after beating Barça 1-0. The U14 team weren’t able to do the same against identical rival, although they already increased their track record in MIC to 7 championships.nEvery team in the world would be excited about the chance to play against Real Madrid, and every team can do it at MIC. If you want to accomplish this dream, inscribe your team right now here. We are waiting to meet you in MIC’16, between 22nd and 27th of March of the 2016.n


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