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Are you a MIC team? What we let you know here is interesting for you. After years of tournament, the requests of the teams have evolved. What was a trip to play a tournament first, it is now a high level football stage. The stay of your team at MIC is not only to play the tournament, but it can also be a much better experience thanks to the different services the staff put at your disposal.n nn nMeet another kind of footballnGet acclimatized to the environmental conditions is something fundamental to do a good tournament. ¿Do you want to manage any training session before you start the competition? ¿Have you finished the phase and you would like to play friendly games? Ask our staff and create a MIC totally to your custom-measure. Meet other teams and let your players compete against the best.nn nBe in top-shape to play MICnTrainings, friendly games… MIC puts at your disposal everything needed to let your team starts the first games in top-shape. Matches service includes the facilities’ reservation in La Costa Brava, transportation management, opponents’ selection and referee management in case of friendly game. It is a good idea which will allow you to be in touch with other coaches and players. A great option if you want to live an unforgettable experience at the MIC.n


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