[:en]Sevilla CF to be at MIC’16[:]


The Andalusian team has been one of the last confirmations for the MIC. Altough, we still have more surprises prior to finish the inscriptions of this edition of the MIC Tournament, that will beat its own record of teams playing in.nnMIC is almost fullnThere are only 50 days left until the MIC’16 kick off. In all of the categories there are many fantastic teams who are looking to enjoy the tournament. The best football leagues of the world will be represented, and there will be some modest teams getting ready to be with us between the 22nd and 27th of March. The latest teams who have confirmed that they will be at MIC are from foreign countries like Indonesia, Australia, Algeria and the United States. Therefore, we’re already in a position to announce that there’ll be teams from 40 different countries at MIC’16.nDo you want more information? undefinedClick here! [:]

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