[:en]The girls side of MIC[:]


MIC really gets behind for youth girls. Having some strong teams this year like FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, RCD Espanyol or Atletico de Madrid are, we think it is the chance. If your players are not registered yet, do not leave them out since registrations are already open. Are you ready? You count with two categories: F and G, for players born in 1998 and 2003 respectively. Category F is played in a 11-aside format, while G is played in 7-aside.nn
nTops against your teamnMIC philosophy always works to create a different youth football, to make it inclusive and to face the best institutions in the world versus other clubs and teams from the worldwide. Barça or Paris Saint-Germain are used to play against each other in the big competitions… But ¿Why not to purpose the challenge to your players? A new place, new friendships, different ways of football… An amazing experience they will love to live.n
nFollowing Oberena and Cabanes stepsnAfter some years without female teams, the MIC came back to the origins on 2015, when Oberena won the tournament, and repeated last year having Cabanes’ girls at the top of the podium. Women football wants to make history, and you can be there to see that. If you have any question, MIC’s team is waiting for helping you and looking for the best solution. Do not leave this great chance behind, La Costa Brava and MIC are waiting for you.


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