[:en]The MIC18 will be even bigger![:]


The slogan “a MIC of record” happens year after year. Each edition of the MIC has surpassed the previous one, as much in players as in teams … but in the edition 2018 all this is going to increase. MIC18 will arrive with more categories to keep being the best youth international football tournament in the Costa Brava. The best football in the world has its appointment from 27th  March to 1st  April 2018 in almost all the fields of Girona.nnU-16 and U-14, double class One of the novelties of this year is the appearance of the categories B2 and C2, in U-15 and U-13. In both cases, we will follow the philosophy of the MIC, working with the best football teams in the world, giving the chance to all countries to face them. A football festival on the Costa Brava that we will repeat. Do you want all the information of the next MIC? undefinedCheck it out here. n


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