[:en]Thiago and Coutinho, in the presentation of MIC’12[:]


On Tuesday 23th of February, was presented the 12th edition of Mediterranean International Cup, with the presence of Thiago Alcántara, FC Barcelona player, and Philippe Coutinho, RCD Espanyol player. The Colet Museum, in Barcelona was the venue chosen for the most crowded presentation in the history of the tournament as more and more the media who want to learn more about the tournament as the MIC.n nThis edition of the tournament, the 12th edition, will be the edition with more presence of international teams in the history of the competition. The MIC, which will be held from 4th to 8th of April in 19 populations and 22 football fields on the Costa Brava, will count in this edition with the presence of nearly 220 teams, divided into 6 categories, representing more than 40 different nationalities.nnThe Brazilian football player of RCD Espanyol, Coutinho, remembered in the presentation the three editions of the tournament in which he participated with the Brazilian national team and especially the 2008 edition that he won with his friend Neymar. Coutinho said that the MIC “is the best memory I have of a tournament when I was younger” and stressed that “I am delighted to have won with Brazil.”n nSimilarly, Thiago Alcantara, who plays for FC Barcelona, ​​assessed that the MIC is “a world-class tournament with a brilliant organization which breathes football environment.” Alcántara did not play the tournament, but his move to FC Barcelona was credited of the founding director of the tournament, Josep Colomer.n nOn the other hand, this edition of the tournament will be remembered for the increased presence of international clubs. The head of the MIC, Juanjo Rovira, said that “since the first edition of the tournament we have always had clear the international vocation of the competition and we really want to strength it year after year, so we have decided to grow more.” Moreover, in the last three editions, the presence of international teams has grown and we have moved from the 28 nationalities that were present in the 2010 edition to the 40 in this edition.nFinally, in the five days of the tournament, will be more than 500 football matches and the MIC will count with more than 5.000 accredited participants and it is expected more than 200.000 spectators to follow the game in live. The MIC organisation, consisting of about 200 people, estimates that the tournament will be an economic impact exceeding 1.500.000€.


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