[:en]Three #micplayers make their debut with FC Barcelona[:]


There are players who have left an important mark in their passage through the MIC. FC Barcelona is a clear example of this. With a worthy job of one of the best academies in the world, Barça has historically promoted many players in the front line of world football. In this constant fight, three of these players have been important for their team this week: Jordi Mboula, Alasana Manneh and Oriol Rey trained under the orders of Luis Enrique last Monday, and are consolidated as main pieces in the U19, coached by Gabri García.nnnFOTO: FC BARCELONA

Your team against future football stars
Rey and Mboula spent ten and seven years, respectively, in the ranks of FC Barcelona. During all this time we have enjoyed their skills not only in the MIC, but also in the national league and the UEFA Youth League, in which both have excelled. Jordi Mboula came to Barça in 2010 and has been MIC player twice. Dominating the wing as nobody, possess a speed capable of overflowing the best defendant. With five goals in six games in the UEFA Youth League, many talent recruiters have focussed their attention on the player.nYour players against the best around the world
Rey’s case is similar to football players like Samper, with more than 10 years in Barça, coming from the FCB Escola. He is a defender with great quality and incredible command abilities in any point of the defensive axis. The third on the list is Alasana, whom we met with Aspire Football Dreams at the MIC. The showcase of the tournament made Barça look at this Gambian who combines power and technique in equal parts.

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