[:en]Women’s football, one more year with a major role at MICFootball[:]


Women’s football is gaining importance year after year at MICFootball. Since the beginning of the tournament, in 2001, the competition had girls’ teams. For the last few years women’s football has become more relevant at the Costa Brava’s tournament.n nIn the last two editions the number of enrolled teams haven’t stop rising. In 2016, at the U19-U16 class there were 8 teams registered. One year later, in 2017, the same class counted with 12 teams and for this year it is expected to have, at least, 16 clubs, although this number could be increased.n
nOne of the distinguishing features of MIC-Mediterranean International Cup is that allows the public to enjoy the best academies of the world competing against each other at the Costa Brava and women’s football is a good example of it. Last year the tournament had teams such as Atlético de Madrid, FC Barcelona or PSG and for 2018 it is expected again their attendance among others big female academies.n
nAnother important feature of the tournament is its universality. Women’s football is rapidly growing all over the world. At MICFootball we are honoured with the presence of girls who come from far away countries to share with us their passion for football. For 2018 have already confirmed teams from Japan and US.n nThe best youth female football will meet at the Costa Brava next Easter. Are you going to miss it?


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