[:en]PSG, new team for MIC’17[:]


The aim of MIC has always been any kind of team has the chance to compete against the best football academies of the world. And Paris Saint-Germain is one of these top clubs, France capital’s team has confirmed his attendance in boy’s tournament, a new team which will be with other tops of the continent.nnnPSG: worldwide recognitionnRecently, Paris and football walk hand in hand, with the presence of great players in the city’s team. Without going any further, PSG has been matched up with FC Barcelona in the UCL. Here, on a small scale, both teams are also going to participate in the main youth football tournament in Europe and the worldwide. ¿Have not registered your team yet?nMany tops already confirmednIf you are not clear yet, you should know that many places are already saved and clubs like Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester City, RCD Espanyol, Manchester United or FC Porto already have their presence in the tournament ensured. ¿Do you want to see your players competing against the best teams in the world? Here we explain the whole process.


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